On The Road: Day 6 – Mojave & Baker City

It’s early when we leave Potwisha Campground in Sequoia National Park.

Our destination this evening is Death Valley.

We leave the  forest and head across seemingly barren terrain as the sun peaks from behind the desert horizon.


It’s over 350 miles and 6 hours of driving to reach Death Valley.

Needing to make good time, we press on with little stops.

The wind stands motionless, paralyzing these giants as we travel by.


What seems like thousands of them, lifeless in slumber…


The desert interstate stretches to eternity…


…until our GPS runs out of miles, telling us to take exit 246…

Baker City

We don’t really have any plans for Baker City, other than to stop for gas.
The GPS only brought us here because it’s at our junction to Death Valley.

However, as we roll into town a rumble in our stomach tells us we’re to fuel more than just our vehicle.
We quickly equip our phones to find a yummy restaurant and fill our famished tummies.

We delightfully find a Mexican venue called Los Dos Toritos with pretty good reviews. Upon arrival, the outside doesn’t look the most promising….


Although, there is some excellent cost savings with the recycling of their “GRAND OPENING” banner!

Once we have our food in hand, we can see… and taste why the reviews are so high!


Scrumptiously, we take our time eating and even try our first Jamaica and Horchata beverage before heading back on the road.

Oh wait!!!!!

Alien Fresh Jerky!


That’s an interesting sign…. maybe we should stop in and see what it’s all about. It can’t just be jerky with a sign like that!!

First, can’t leave the alien hanging with no support….


Don’t mind the shadow… aliens don’t cast one.

Once inside, we see that our suspicions were correct and it is not just jerky! There are peaceful aliens everywhere!!! 👽👽👽🛸


… and some of the weirdest sodas you will see….


Choosing the one we think is most… interesting, Tommy chooses Fukola Cola and Kali chooses Chocolate Covered Bacon.

We can’t stop at a jerky place without getting Jerky.
Kali also got a stunning alien cup for her sister. 🙂


We’re pretty proud of our selections!

With so many distractions in this town, we can’t forget the main reason we’re even here…. Gas!

As we fill up with gas, we just happen to be across from this unique thermometer… and we can’t resist using our phones to research it just a little.

And what’s this!?! It’s not just any thermometer, but the tallest thermometer in the World!


Constructed by Willis Herron, the thermometer stands 134 feet high to symbolize the record high temperature of 134°F in Death Valley, recorded on July 10, 1913.

Today, we’re fortunate to enjoy a pleasant temperature of 72°F 😎.


Seeing what we now believe to be everything there is to see in Baker, we set the autopilot…. I mean cruise control, to Death Valley!


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