Kingda Ka!! – Six Flags

Who’s not excited to ride roller coasters!?!?
I know there are some people who can easily pass on being launched to 128 MPH in 3.5 seconds, before bolting 45 stories straight up and screaming 456 feet straight down.

Sounds wild right!?!?
Well it is!!

Six Flags parks are considered to be a rollercoaster rider’s paradise and with a backdrop like this one, who can disagree??


Kingda Ka

This coaster is essentially the entire reason we’re here at this park!
This thing is THE tallest roller coaster in the world and the second fastest in the world, placing this bad boy at #1 in the United States for both categories.

We’re so excited to ride this thing, that we forget to take pictures!

So… you’ll have to believe us when we say it’s a blast!!

It’s actually so intense… that you hardly even know what’s going on.
The initial acceleration is by far the wildest part of this ride!

The climb us is actually a deceleration, so it’s not really too exciting (plus you’re still dazed from shooting to 128 MPH in 3.5 seconds.

The 456 drop is the tallest in the world!!!… but actually feels more like a controlled descent. Maybe that’s just because the acceleration of gravity can’t compare to the ride’s start.

Overall… It definitely sounds scarier that it really is.
Unless you get hit in the face by a bird.

Fortunately for us, we escaped that one.

Onto the rest of the park

Moving around the rest of the park, we’re surprised with some pretty unconventional rides! (We did no research of this place before coming).

The Green Lantern is pretty sweet! How many times do you get to stand on a roller coaster??
Of course, you have to get over the fact that your head constantly rattles between the pads.

That kinda killed this one for us.


The Superman ride is quite a different experience however…


The entire ride you lay horizontal like Superman flying through the sky. Having your arms extended out it optional…

Watch out for the large loop! Its difficult to explain this loop other than, don’t chew gum on this ride… you will probably choke on it and die.
It almost got us, even without gum!


This park really has some great rides… the only problem is how they manage your personal belongings while riding.

Alright… we’re going to rant for a bit.

That is… coming to this park, you better be prepared to shell out money for a locker rental, or have a buddy willing to sit one out for every ride.

Many rides allow absolutely nothing in your pockets… this includes car keys and cell phones.

What about rides that don’t go upside down, you ask?

Nope, if you have a cell phone, car key, or wallet you can’t wait in line.

But… don’t they have somewhere to put your bag when you reach the coaster, like most parks do?

Nope… not for bags or personal belongings.. the only exception is they allow you to bring your refillable soda cup with you and provide cup holders to stow the cup until your ride is complete.

Worse yet, not all the rides are consistent! Some say items “securely” in pockets are okay. Some say “zipper” pockets, while others say no items period.

Not to mention, the staff is completely inconsistent on which items they will allow. We witness some people being ejected from the line just as they reach the ride, followed by a public shaming over the intercom… other people make it on the ride with bulging phones in their pockets.

We realize the point for not having items in your pockets on the ride… but the park could really be more considerate and provide bag storage at the rides.

This unfortunately was so bad for us, it nearly destroyed our experience.

Hershey Park Is Better

While visiting Hershey Park we never had any issue finding a place for our things and we consider it to be a much better run park.

While they don’t offer the tallest and fastest roller coaster, the people there are much friendlier. Plus, we consider the Storm Runner at Hershey to be just as exciting, if not more so than Kingda Ka.

Back To Six Flags

Alright, I think we can move on to another topic now.

Despite feeling like a criminal by sometimes sneaking our cell phone in our pocket, the rides here are awesome!

Once we finish with the roller coaster, we decide to hit up the safari!


Disclaimer: They don’t like it when you pet the giraffes.


Very similar to our animal safari at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, a tour guide takes us around in a large truck while we look at various animals throughout the park.


After our personal belonging storage fiasco, we need this to cheer us up!


and it works!! 😀



So I’m not sure how many people are familiar with the Spokane bear sex billboard sign.



We got our own dose of it here!


Guess it takes a lot out of yah!


Moving into the next area, we find these guys trying to escape!!

They wait along the fence, facing away from the truck, and when the truck clears the gate try to book it out of here!


Speaking of booking it out of here, Chow!

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