Hershey Park…. The Sweetest Place On Earth!

Knowing our love of chocolate and sugar, it’s no surprise that we would end up going to Hershey’s Theme Park!

While there is a large Hershey candy store outside the park, a majority of the theme park is not really themed of chocolate, but…

It’s got some pretty sweet roller coasters!!

As we’re approaching the park, we pass this wonderful piece of art outside the entrance!


Hershey Park

Entering the park, visitors pass by the fountain dedicated to Milton S. Hershey.

When Mr. Hershey established his chocolate business, he built an entire town for his employees!

He originally built this park as a “picnic and pleasure ground” for his employees. It has since turned into a large theme park filled with visitors all around the globe.


Roller coasters here are fast and fierce! It’s a hot day, so there are a lot of locals out to enjoy the first sunshine in quite a while.


There is a cute little seal show that we attend.


Some of the rides have cool little waiting areas while standing in line.


Ralph is enjoying his time here as well!


Hershey’s Chocolate World

Following our long day at the park, we visit the chocolate factory just outside the park.


After a quick tour of the making of chocolate, we are provided a sample of some of their products.


Spending the entire day at the park in the heat has left us exhausted, but filled with enjoyment.


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