Greetings From Bentonville – The Walmart Museum

Ever wonder how Walmart started?
How it’s the world’s largest retailer today?
Or about the man behind its success? – This is the place to go!

Bentonville, Arkansas is one of the most charming towns we’ve ever visited and is home to both the Walmart Museum and it’s headquarters.

On this road trip we’re developing a true appreciation for Walmart….

Having slept in so many of their parking lots, we owe it to Walmart to check out their museum.

Museum Storefront


The entrance to the museum is a Walton’s 5-10 store, one of the first Walmarts.
It’s interior and products are themed to match the 1960’s era of Walmart’s beginning.

The Museum

The museum starts with a quick informational video on Walmart and Sam Walton and contains many interactive displays.

One display is Sam Walton’s office the day he died, moved from its original location and painstakingly reassembled to match every detail.


Do you know that Sam Walton was awarded the Presidential Freedom Medal?
The highest civilian honor in the United States!


It’s no wonder his inspiration still reaches Walmart’s employees today.


A small label maker tucked in a drawer lets us print our own Walmart badges!


Sam Walton’s famous red F-150.


Walmart’s Return Policy

Everyone knows Walmart accepts returns of just about anything!

Mr. Walton was actually very proud of this point, and the museum features a display with some of the most ridiculous item returns accepted.


The wall thermometer, for example, “never had the correct time“.

The thermis was manufactured 8 years before the first Walmart ever opened! Regardless, it was accepted as a return simply because “it leaks“!!

Walmart’s return policy is truly amazing, and one of the great things about shopping at the store.

Ice Cream Anyone?

The end of the self-guided museum tour lands us in the middle of a 1960’s style ice cream and soda shop. Yum!!


The shop even features a make-your-own soda flavoring selection!



The best thing about the visiting the Walmart Museum, beside the information, is discovering this lovely town,


and the friendliness of the amazing people here.


Thank you Jim and Sharon!
You both make visiting the museum truly special. 🙂

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