On The Road: Day 11 – Zion to Arches (Taco-tastrophe)

This morning we’re packing in the campsite at Zion and hitting the road for  Arches National Park!

It’s about a 340 mile, 5 1/2 hour drive!

Leaving Zion

Fortunately the state of Utah understands…


The land flattens out a bit once we’re clear of the park.


Until we start our climb into the mountains and Fishlake National Forest



We’ve been pretty good about sticking to sandwiches and avoiding fast food.

Image result for Taco Bell logo

This time we can’t resist a couple tacos…
She says she can eat and drive…



Well, lesson learned… tacos and driving don’t mix!!


Before we know it, taco… is… everywhere!

Road Conditions

Continuing into the mountains, the weather worsens.
Time to put the tacos away and focus on the road!

Soon we’re bombarded with falling snow!  πŸŒ¨ πŸŒ¨ πŸŒ¨

Descending the mountains, the snow fades to rain, and the rain thins with the clouds.

The break in the storm opens up to some interesting rock formations.


This one looks like a sinking battleship!


The size of this rocks which surround us is just amazing


The wind is equally amazing, and people leave their cars to feel it’s power… we can feel it’s power quite enough from within the van! πŸ’¨ πŸš


Arrival In The Rain

We’ve been very fortunate with all the good weather on this trip, slightly warmer than average temperature and no precipitation.

Arriving at Arches makes us slightly nervous.

As we pull into the park, rain continues to sprinkle our windshield.


We’ve made it to the park; lets see which direction this weather goes!

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