Van Diaries 9 – Things Are Coming Together

With not much time before our trip, it’s time to start wrapping things up and call the van ready! πŸ˜Ž

We have just a few more things before we’re ready  to hit the road…


We have a few new devices.


One is a dashcam to record cool things as we travel.


It’ll sit there quietly recording as we travel and provide us any liability footage should we need it. 🚐

Who knows! Maybe we’ll capture an alien landing! πŸ‘½

Radar Love

The next item is purely for radar hobby purposes… πŸ˜‡


We’ll try not to be too reckless. We purchased this newly released Uniden radar detector, which is a little spendy… but received an overwhelmingly positive report.

Power Distribution

We’re adding additional phone charger points.


It’s nice having power points with the battery’s voltage displayed, to keep an eye on the battery health.

Cargo Storage Netting

To try and save some space and store our jackets/bedding we fix a cargo net to the van.



Privacy Curtains

We’re going to be living here for a while… so we need to make sure people can’t come snooping inside.


We’re installing some sliding privacy curtains to make operation simple and easy.


Heated Seat Covers

We’re experimenting with some heated seat covers .

Our main concern is mostly how comfortable it’ll be sitting on these.

To compare the difference, we install a cover over the top of one seat:


and remove the factory upholstery to install one beneath:



We’ll try these out for a bit and see what works best…

Final Organization…

We have a feeling organization is something that we’ll continue to work through as we travel… but it’s good to plan out as much as possible now πŸ™‚


With that… I think we’re ready to start our trip!
We’ll update the “Van Diaries” as we continue to make changes/improvements to our van!

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