Bioluminescent Kayaking

There’s no better way to enjoy a sunset than in a kayak at the Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge.

Not only do you get to enjoy the sunset, you also get the opportunity to travel down the river after nightfall and see the comb jellies, as well as the plankton, light up with each stroke of the paddle.

But first!!

Lunch at Alabama Jacks


On our way up from our visit to Key West, we decide to eat lunch at a quaint little place called Alabama Jacks.


At first we’re seated at a table against a wall, but still on the deck.


A group leaves, and we snag a better corner table!


Boats are passing and fish swimming as we enjoy our time along the river.


After a long wait, our food finally arrives!

It’s of course more than we can eat! … how will we ever survive?


Finishing our food, we hit the road toward our evening adventures.

Sunset Kayaking

It’s a long drive from Key Largo to Melbourne, and driving around Miami is terrible!
Trying to avoid all the traffic accidents, we BARELY make it to our kayaking sunset tour in time!

Fortunately the guide waits for us, despite being a half-hour late!


Aboard the kayak, we learn we are natural paddlers! 🛶



The backdrop of the island makes a picture perfect memory!



Paddling along, we take a few paddle breaks to enjoy the splendor of the sunset.


The route takes us past Bird Island.

Perching on this island are American White Pelicans, Roseate Spoonbills, Glossy Ibis, and so many more!


It’s not long before the sun dims beyond the skyline and permeates the sky with vivid colors.



Our kayak tour tonight is in the Indian River, a 121-mile long brackish lagoon which forms part of the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway.



We keep paddling on…


It’s funny to watch the other group in our party have a difficult time navigating through the waters.

They’re already paddled into two bushes and the guide is offering them pointers.


In the distance we see another group of sunset chasing kayakers.


Just as we’re paddling in, we notice a couple fins poking up from the waves…

…. DOLPHINS!!!!! 🐬

While our eyes spot them, we are not able to capture them on camera.


Before total darkness, we arrive back at our launch point.

We’re ready to begin the second portion of our tour.

Bioluminescent Kayaking!

It is not long before the entire sky turns black and we’re ready to head back out.

While we have a hard time capturing anything on camera, we really enjoy our time with the comb jellies and light up plankton.

Without our own pictures, it’s just a trip we’ll have to remember… or Google other people’s pics. 😝

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