“The Happiest Place on Earth” – Epcot

Going to Disney World is one of the most common childhood dreams. Both of us have been as children, but were too young to remember, so we’re excited for this opportunity to live out childhood dreams!

We plan to spend 4 days in 4 parks, so we put our sneakers on and prepare for 10 hour days in the parks!

Throughout our visit to Disney World, we have the opportunity to stay with our friend Tim, his wife Shelly and their daughter!

Living so close, Tim and his family have year round passes to Disney World and today they’re able to join us and share their knowledge for our first day at Disney!

With their recommendation, we start at Epcot.


It’s an exciting time arriving at our first Disney park!


Our Disney experts navigate the parks for us recommending the best place to get snacks and ice-cream. 🍨


We decide to split so they can finish their ice-cream and we can get on some rides!

Our first ride is Mission Space.


Immediately upon entering the building, we realize what most of our time at Disney World will be spent doing…..

Standing in lines!!!! 😣


On a positive note, we are here during the flower festival in which they have Disney themed topiaries throughout the park


Up, up, and away!!!!



There’s even a free rock concert!


We spend most of our time here eating, touring the countries, and riding the most exciting rides.





As the sun begins to set, the lights of the park turn on.


Epcot’s Spaceship Earth turns a majestic purplish-blue, which is magnificent.

Spaceship Earth is actually a ride, inside the sphere!


As the day wraps up, it’s time for us to say goodbye to our wonderful time at Epcot!


Tomorrow we’re off to Hollywood Studios!

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