On The Road: Day 37 – From Texas to New Orleans

With our new camera on it’s way to Kali’s Grandma’s house, we’re on our way to Louisiana.

First! A quick stop in Houston to say goodbye to Tommy’s brother Dave.

The Texas road infrastructure is an amazing thing!


For lunch, we meet with Dave at Del’s Diner.
This Houston eatery is popular with locals.

It’s really nice to chat and catch up on life! 🙂


Hearing about the DJ work Dave performs in Houston, sounds like a lot of fun. Someday it’d be sweet to boogie to his fresh beats! 🕺

Before we know it, it’s time to hit the road!
We’re really glad for the extra time to enjoy one last lunch together!

Until next time Dave!! 🙂


(The sun’s pretty bright, even with the overcast….)

Louisiana Here we come!

Hey, look! We actually managed to get one of these stupid state welcome signs!!

You wont believe how many times we’ve crossed a border and never saw one!!


Arriving late in New Orleans, we get to bed right away.


Waking up the next day (at our favorite campout spot), we’re ready to hit the town!!


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