“The Happiest Place on Earth” – Magic Kingdom

Today we are going to the most iconic park in Disney World, Magic Kingdom!!!

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Magic Kingdom


Walking through the park are custodians who have learned to make these neat water creations using their broom and a pail of water.


Only Because It’s An Icon…

Can anyone guess the very first ride we hit up as we enter the park??

That’s right!! The jubilant confection of singing children from around the globe…… It’s a Small World.


Maybe we need to rethink our ride choices…

It quickly turns to a ride you wish to end!!


After we barely make it off the Small World ride, we look at wait times of the other rides.

It’s insane how quickly the lines get long! Most of them have already built up to a 60 minute minimum!!!

Go-Karts That Barely Go

One of the shorter wait-times is for the go-karts.

So we… go… and kart.


Kali’s excited to test her driving skills!
Tommy…… is not so sure how this will turn out…


Good thing the car only goes about 10 mph, with rails between the wheels so we can’t go far…

To Infinity!…

Our next Fast Pass opens up at the Buzz Lightyear ride, so we head on over there, testing our skills at laser beam shooting.


Tommy somehow scores 1.5 million!!!… we’re not sure how…. or if that’s even good.


One of the newer rides at the park is a 7 Dwarfs mining ride.
The line for this one has been a steady 90 – 150 minutes All Day!

Luckily we’re able to snag a Fast Pass for this ride and avoid the 150 minute wait.

It’s only about 20 minutes before we’re on the ride 🙂


They Said We’d Get Wet…

Watching wait times all day, we finally see a drop to 20 minutes on Splash Mountain!

Of course, there’s a pretty good reason for the reduced wait…
It’s cold outside…
…and you get wet.

Fate has it that we’re also seated in the front row… the most wet seat on the ride.


Yeah… we’re drenched.

Our favorite ride in the park is Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.


This ride has actually been proven in studies to be the perfect about of body jostling to pulverise and help pass kidney stones!

So next time you’re suffering, the cost of a one-day pass to Disney World can fix you right up!

Night Time Attractions

Magic Kingdom is the latest running park of the four and tonight closes at 11:00.

It also has the best firework show.




Dining with the Beast

When the fireworks are through, we make our way to dinner.

Tonight, we have reservations at none other than The Beast’s castle and the restaurant, Be Our Guest.


After a quick wait, we’re seated inside.


Dinner, along with the atmosphere is amazing. We are relishing all of the moments spent here.


We don’t even have to look at the dessert menu to know that we want.
Recommended by the dishes, it’s the “Grey Stuff”!
They say it’s delicious!!

… It really is!!!!


After dinner, we get the opportunity to meet the Beast himself.
Dining at Be Our Guest is the only place in the parks you can get a photo with the Beast!

Tommy and him compare facial hair…


Then we pose for our monstrous photo!


Ending the Evening

It’s after 11:00pm when we leave dinner.
Walking through the park at this time is so enchanting.


We can’t really explain it except that disney magic takes over our souls as the night ends.


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