Cliffs, Bends, and Horses

You can’t go to the Grand Canyon before stopping to see the GLORIOUS view of Horseshoe Bend!

Pulling into a crowded parking lot, near the town of Page, we are excited to take a short stroll to the views at Horseshoe Bend. This overlook of the Colorado River offers a breathtaking view like no other!

Skies are blue, scattered with clouds above the desert, as we begin our 3/4 mile hike.

[Group 1]-IMG_6365_IMG_6366-2 images

Looking ahead, we see the huge ground casym!

Are we even prepared for what awaits us down the crowded path?


That’s a big horse!

At the edge of the steep cliffs and above the Colorado River, we’ve made it.

[Group 2]-IMG_6379_IMG_6384-6 images

What’s the first thing everyone does at the edge of a cliff and 1,000+ foot drop???

Dangle their feet over it of course!


Okay… maybe not everyone ventures this close, but we do!

The view here is describe only as absolutely rediculous!


Good thing Scoops and Ralph aren’t afraid of heights!


During summer months, the river turns an emerald green and becomes a popular swimming location.

This time of year we only see a green hue.

and being mid February, there are no swimmers here!!


Hiking back to the van, we travel across the layered paths of sand and stone.


Oh look! A baby arch!


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