On The Road: Day 41 – Sunshine Skyway Bridge

Mile: 8,027

Driving through Florida, and passing near Tampa, we have to take the opportunity to cross the Sunshine Skyway Bridge!

Carrying around 50,500 vehicles daily, this bridge is considered the “flag bridge” of Florida. Also, the Travel Channel rated the Sunshine Skyway number 3 in its special on the “Top 10 Bridges” in the World!

There’s not much to crossing this bridge…

Other than…

…driving across it (and paying the $1.50 toll of course).

The bridge is held by a span of cables running along it’s center.


Both sides of the bridge feature a rest area with bathrooms.


How could we resist stopping at an ocean side rest stop?

After checking out the bathroom portion, we find access to the water!!


Maneuvering the rocks to feel the water temperature, Kali spots her first Horseshoe crab!!


Unfortunately, it’s dead…

Just as the sun goes down on the lives of every living thing, the sun goes down on this day. 🌤


It’s time to find a Walmart near Siesta Beach…

Seems like a popular spot for campers. 🚐


Suppose you can’t beat free… with a 24 hour bathroom… and a store with all of your needs attached!

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