Acadia National Park 2: Cadillac Mountain Sun Views

Ever wonder where you can view the first sunrise in the United States? Well, one location is right here in Acadia National Park!

Our plan is to wake up tomorrow around 4:00 am, so we can get to the top of Cadillac Mountain and watch the sun first break across the shores of the United States

Tonight, we’re enjoying the sunset from the mountain’s top.

Since we’re waking up extremely early for the sunrise tomorrow,


we want to scope out the area so we know where to go.


Sunset on Cadillac Mountain

The sky is alive with color.


Each corner we turns, offers us a different view of this setting sun.


Trees help to frame the shots to make it even more delectable!


[Group 3]-IMG_9889_IMG_9896-8 images

Looking at the trees below, we can tell we are near the top of the mountain.


We even come across this neat little waterfall on the drive up!


Arriving to the top, we take a look around and find the location we will come tomorrow.

Here Comes The Sun

Waking up early is a little difficult, but we feel it will be well worth it.


Even as we’re on our way to the top, we can see the sun’s light begin to reflect off the clouds.


We push on a little faster to get to the top of Cadillac Mountain before the sun officially rises.


As we approach the top, the sun turns the clouds a beautiful pink before making it’s appearance.


It is several minutes of the pink skies before….

Sunrise 6

We finally see the sun peak through the horizon!

Sunrise 12

We watch as the sun takes its time fighting through the clouds to shine.

Sunrise 17

It ‘s an experience watch the run rise before anyone else in the country.


As hard as the sun fights, it’s not long before it slips back behind the clouds.


While it isn’t the brightest, most beautiful, sunrise we’ve seen, it’s surely memorible.


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