There’s No Buddy Like a Brother

Today we are visiting Kali’s brother in Phoenix, Arizona!

Shortly before going on this trip, we were deployed for 6 months. While we were deployed, Kameron, Kali’s youngest brother was deployed as well!

We have not been able to see Kameron in over a year, so we are pretty excited for this opportunity to visit him and see how he has established himself in Arizona.


Date Night

It’s Valentines Day, so we decide to have a double date dinner with Kameron and his girlfriend Serena. Where should we go? Well, restaurants are packed, and we’re starving!!!

Takeout it is! This will allow us to get our food fast without any hassle.

We eat our food and catch up before Kameron has to get ready for work (he works nights). We’re pretty exhausted from our drive, so we’re going to hit the hay!

Exploring With the Bro

The sun has risen and so have we! It is a slow morning, as Kameron is trying to snag a couple hours of sleep for the day. While he sleeps, we develop a plan for lunch.

Tommy picks out this nifty little place called Fry Bread. They typically serve the Indian tacos at fairs, but you can come here and enjoy one any time!


Even though Kameron and Serena live here, the have never tried this place, so it is new for all of us!


Dough used for the tacos is delicious as well as the meats! The temptation to order a dessert is one that cannot be denied! 😛

This evening Kameron is planning on taking us to State Farm, where him and Serena work.


Kameron shows us his cubicle where he works and takes us around the campus.


Him and Serena seem to really enjoy working there. It seems like a pretty nice campus with its own little community…. and artwork!


After our trek around the State Farm campus, we are hungry for dinner. We pick up some chicken at Raising Cane’s then head back to Kameron’s place to eat and have a relaxing night.


While it’s been nice visiting and catching up with Kameron, it’s time for Tommy and I to pack up our stuff and hit the road.

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