Maine Lobster and More!

One of the first things we think of when we hear Maine is lobster!
Surprisingly, not many restaurants are serving full lobsters this time of year. Most lobster is caught and sold between May & September.

Lucky for us, located in Bar Harbor is a join called Geddy’s.
They serve lobster all year long, pull fresh from their lobster tank!

Later this afternoon we have another special stop to get some Pot Roast at a food network featured restaurant called Dysarts.

We can’t wait to dig in!

Geddy’s in Bar Harbor

As we arrive at Geddy’s, we’re greeted by one of the nicest gentlemen who shows us to our table.

Looking at the menu, we see exactly what we want – The Lobster Bake!


After we order our lobster, we have a few minutes before it is cooked.

In the meantime, we ask to check out the lobster tank.


One of the waitresses even lets us pull the lobster out!


Pretty cool little guys!


It’s not long before our lunch is cooked and ready to serve.


Kali can’t wait to get to crackin’ and have some of that yummy lobster meat!


We almost forget our bibs!


After several minutes of cracking and scooping, we finally have the meat removed from the lobster.


Yeah… we made his hollowed corpse watch…

As our first time eating a whole lobster together, we agree it’s a very enjoyable experience.
All of the food is sooo yummy and the staff super friendly!

Thanks Geddy’s!! But now it’s time to hop into the van!

Dysarts Truckstop

Okay… maybe it seems like we just ate… and we did!
But we have one more stop to make before we leave Maine!

Featured on The Food Network is a Yankee Pot Roast that looks so delicious, we have to try it for ourselves!


To get the whole experience, we have a Moxie soda to accompany the meal.


The soda… is weird.

But the meal so tasty, we had finish it within mear minutes!
We highly recommend a visit here for their generously portioned home cooked meals!

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