Ole Smoky Moonshine – C’mon Raise The Proof!

We’re in moonshine country!
And we hear the Ole Smoky Distillery is the place to be!
This place is the first legal moonshine operation in Tennessee.

I doubt we’ll buy much… but bringing home a jar of the shine might be neat!

Of course, that’s what they want you to think going into it….
Then they get you liquored up!

What Really Happens

These two kids, innocent and sweet…


Cool in composure, they walk into Ole Smoky.
“Just a single taste can’t hurt!”.

The cost to taste is only $5.00 and afterwards they give a $5.00 credit to anything in the store…. So, it’s basically free!


However… That’s where they getcha…


Taste + taste + taste + …


= 13 shots of moonshine!


“There sure are some good flavors here!”, exclaims one young man.


“There sure are!”, replies a girl nearby.


First They Hit You With Liquor…
Then with deals!

Oh! Have we not mentioned the deals??
Well, at the end of the tasting our server mentions these… deals.

Buy any three jars, get a free soft cooler!
Not bad.

Buy any 5 jars, get the bag and a sixth jar for free!!!
Buy any 10two free jars, a carry cooler bag AND a free wheeled cooler!!


Okay… we don’t jump onto the shine that quick.

We need to think this over for a bit, maybe to some live music!


And before we buy, we have a few more questions….

Coupons, combining deals, cooler bags… and yes, a 15% military discount.

Alright, we’re in!

OleSmoky Pic

…8 bottles of shine later, and we’re ready to roll!

Not only has Ole Smokey kindled our taste buds, they have evoked our need for food!
Fortunately, there is a concession stand located right next to the distillery.

Food At Ole Smokys

Time for a tasty pretzel and delectable popcorn!

But It Doesn’t Stop There…

Passport cards…

“Three stamps gets a free T-shirt!”, the moonshine cashier tells us.

Alright… easy. All three distilleries are right here in town, and we already have one!
Buy one small item at each of the remaining two and those T-Shirts are ours!!

Cruisin’ on into the next store…. we figure we’re each spending $5.00 on something there anyway; so we might as well enjoy the free tasting!!
This time it’s whiskey… so we’ll get to try something new!

But for some reason…. the more we drink, the more we fall in love with this stuff!

Go figure…

Long story short… there’s the same deal on whiskey too 😬.

6 bottles later, and we’re on to the final store.

Final Store

We now have one more distillery before we can claim our free T-shirt!

Outside Ole Smoky

This one is a short drive away, located in Pigeon Ford.

Outside are rocking chairs to enjoy the local bands strumming away on the stage.

Chairs at Ole Smokys

Fortunately for us, there’s nothing new to taste at the third distillery and we walk away with our sweet new T-Shirts.

One of our favorite parts about this last distillery….

Musical fountains outside!!!!


They Do These Tastings For A Reason…

So, I guess that about sums this story up.

Tommy and Me

Give your customers booze before they buy and they’ll buy more.


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