Supporting Our Troops – Thanks Janet!

While deployed, we had numerous care packages sent to us, helping to support our operations. None are as special as the letters and packages received from Janet and her friends with Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR).

After receiving their care package, we responded with a grateful thank you letter.

Instantly we became friends! And soon we were corresponding through monthly letter updates.

With the help of her DAR friends, Janet met all our specific requests through sending multiple other care packages. 🎁

Lunch With The Ladies

Today just happens to be the day the ladies from Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) meet to have lunch.

We take this opportunity to meet with these ladies at a local eatery called Braum’s Ice Cream and Dairy Store.


DAR is a volunteer organization that, since 1890,  strives to promote patriotism and preserve American history.

Their commitment to patriotism includes educating others on the preservervation of history, and demonstrating patriotism through service projects, care packages, and letters to the troops.


Having writing Janet for months, it’s very special for us to meet in person.
Sitting down with the ladies for lunch, we share stories of our time deployed.
They share stories of their military connections.

We’re able to learn how hard they work to provide thousands of care packages and letters to troops all over the globe.


It’s a very unique opportunity to meet such a patriotic group committed to serve others and their country! 🇱🇷

Thank you Janet and ladies of Daughters of the American Revolution for supporting us, and for all your hard work and dedication!!

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