Largest Covered Wagon in the World!

Rock me mamma like a wagon wheel 🎶… the largest wagon wheel in the world!! (Disclaimer: no wagon wheels here)

Built in 1978, this was once a popular gas station owned by its creator Kenneth Dahle .

The wagon lies on the Milford exit of the new interstate running through Nebraska and measures 50 feet high and 50 feet wide.

World’s Largest Covered Wagon

In the distance, we can see the wagon gleaming in the trees.


Or at least one person does! 😴


As we get closer, we realize the condition the wagon is truly in.

Since Dahle’s death in 1993, the place has been slowly disassembled and left to deteriorate.


What once had four 24 ft tall wooden wagon wheels, and a cowboy Muffler Man has now been stripped to what you see today.

The dreams of Dahle to build a pair of oxen to accompany this wagon are since gone.


We see this building has a for sale sign for anyone with their own wagon making dreams!


No longer a gas station, there’s not much to see, so we scurry on back to the van to our next destination.


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