Zipline Adventures In Upstate New York

Hoping to zip the longest line in the United States we’re here in upstate New York!
Unfortunately… the lifts to the top of the mountain are closed. We’ll have to settle for the Mid-Mountain tour this time around.

With the option of doing the mid-mountain tour, we at least get to do something and luckily don’t get a repeat of the longest alpine coaster in the united states incident.

We’re here, geared up, and ready to zip! (apologies for the bad photos… camera phone and Action Cam for this one)



Maybe it’s because of our recent adventures with roller coasters at Hersheypark and Six Flags… or maybe because of our first time skydiving, but ziplining isn’t as exhilerating as we expect. It still is something we are glad we did.

Fortunately, our guides are great and we all manage to have a great time!

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