“The Happiest Place on Earth” – Animal Kingdom

Today is our fourth and final day in Disney World and today we’re visiting Disney’s Animal Kingdom!
If you haven’t followed our our first three days , check them out!
Day 1 – Epcot
Day 2 – Hollywood Studios
Day 3 – Magic Kingdom

Animal Kingdom

Looking at wait times (yes, we just got here and there are already wait times), it seems this ride might be a good one to start with.

Besides, we can’t pass up Kali’s very own rapids expedition!

Reading the sign, we contemplate the definition of soaked…


Taking heed, we fork up way too much money to purchase our ponchos.

It’s a good thing too!

One of the best aspects of this ride, is sharing a raft with people without ponchos!
They thought they’d get lucky…

It’s so much fun to watching other people get wet… we do it again!😈


Park Immersion

Animal Kingdom is one of Disney World’s newest park, and it shows!

Our favorite thing about this park is how immersive each section of the park feels.


Africa feels like Africa


Asia feels like Asia (or at least a Disney representation of it…)


Street performers dance in the streets and the surrounding crowds join them.


Kali gets to take part in the dance festivities!


They even have Coca-Cola in Africa!!


Almost in the middle of the park, and joining each section of the park together is the Tree of Life.
Ingrained in its trunk are carvings of animals such as hippos, owls, giraffes and more.


Meet ‘n Greet

You can’t go to Disney World without saying hi to Mickey and Minnie Mouse!


They are so adorable in their safari outfits!


Theatrical Entertainment

The shows at Animal Kingdom are some of the best in any of the parks.

Festival of the Lion King plays songs from the movie while acrobats flip and a fire batons twirl!


The songs in the Finding Nemo Musical are catchy and fun!


The Creatures of Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom has, you guessed is, Animals!





They even offer safari rides through their animal exhibit.

Ours was blocked for several minutes because of these ostriches who wanted to chill in the road!


In the back of the park (you have to take a train), they even have a petting zoo!


Unfortunately, it was closed when we went to check it out (too much rain).


The World of Avatar

Pandora, the newest section of the park with two new rides.


By far the coolest ride in any of the parks is Flight Of Passage and the wait actually isn’t too bad at 90 minutes…

Yeah… That’s right. 90 minutes actually isn’t too bad for this ride.
Plus it’s nearing the end of the day and we decide to suck it up and wait in the line for the ride.


The displays inside are amazing!!!


Going through the line itself, immerses us into the Avatar world.


Real experiments are being performed at the stations while we wait in line.


this section of the line moves almost too fast!


It said a 90 minute wait, but really it takes less than an hour before we’re in and hopping on our simulated flight through Pandora!

I’ll tell yah, this is one rockin ride!!

I’m not one to be truly wowed by a simulations ride… but this one hits me with an incredible, tingling, wow moment both times riding it.


It’s worth the wait… and if this is any indication to the direction of disney park immersion and rides… we are stoked!

Night falls on Pandora

As night falls, the parks lights illuminates. It truly feels like you are in a whole new world….


We take the opportunity to captivate our experience by tasting the Avatar themed foods.


The Tree of Light even illuminates and comes to life!

Every 10 minutes one of the many animals animate and spring to life on the tree.


It is pretty amazing what they can do.


A Final Show with RiverLights

It is now time for us to attend our final light show at Disney World.


This one is on the water and has floats of lights and fountains that parade around the lake.


It’s an amazing show… and an amazing end to our time at Disney.


Farewell To Tim!

With our time at Disney wrapping up, it’s time to say goodbye to Tim and his family.

Thanks Tim for graciously sharing your house, feeding us and showing us a good time!


If you’re ever visiting the Pacific Northwest, let us know!

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