Escalator Fun in Wheaton

What’s more fun than the longest escalator in the western hemisphere!?!?

Okay… a lot of things, but today we’re settling for the escalator.

Metros and More

We have no need to take go down into the Metro other than to take a fun little ride on the longest escalator in the Western Hemisphere.


At first we try to find the cheapest subway ticket just to get past the gate.

Before purchasing the ticket, we want to make sure we are in the right spot, so we ask the security guard.

Once he knows what we are wanting to do, he allows us through without purchasing a ticket as long as we promise to return.


Off we go!!


This escalator travels at 90 ft per minute and reaches 207 ft of length.


We take our time riding down as others race around us to catch their subway. It is not long before we’re at the bottom.


Want to know the largest escalator?

It resides in Hong Kong and is 745 ft long!

It is predicted that 1-2 deaths will happen on the Hong Kong escalator each year. Luckily for the Wheaton escalator, no one has ever been killed.


Online we read that it takes 3.5 minutes to ride the escalator. Kali wants to see if it really takes that long.


According to our stopwatch, it takes 2:51.30! Maybe they sped these up since the online article was written.

Or maybe when it’s full of people it goes slower. Who knows?


We nod a thank you as we pass the security guard on our way out, then its on to Kali’s Uncle’s house.


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