Four Places At Once!

Most people would love the ability to be two places at once. Today we’re going to be in four!

Looking online, there’s doesn’t seem to be much to the Four Corners monument, but we’re still excited for the opportunity to visit such a unique location.

4 Corners

Pulling up to the entrance, we see an empty entry booth ahead and wonder what to do. Not sure, we wait.

After a minute, another vehicle pulls up, depositing a lady into the booth ready to take our money!


It’s quite windy and cold. Not another soul is visiting this monument during the turbulent weather.


The vendors don’t even leave their vehicles to man their stations!


Inside, we see the desolation of this monument during the off season.


But that’s okay, better for us!! 😀

Entering the monument, we clearly see the main attraction!

A plate in the center of the site, uniting four states at a single point.


Incase curiosity is asking you:
How can anyone truly be in 4 places at once?

Here you go!



Even Ralph and Scoops join in the fun!


It’s pretty remarkable to stand on the only geographic location in the U.S. where the boundaries of four states touch!


What started as a sandstone marker in 1899, has turned into a polished slab of granite surrounded by flags, benches, and viewing areas.

The monument itself is enclosed with boths that are typically filled with Native American gifts and souvenirs. Today…… not so much!

A seal is present within the corner of each of the the four states:
Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah.

Arizona – Ditat Deus (God Enriches)


Colorado – Nil Sine Numine (Nothing Without Providence)


New Mexico – Crescit Eundo (It Grows As It Goes)


Utah – Industry


It’s  still pretty cold and super windy, so we are not going to waste too much time here.

Time to jump back into the van and make our way into Arizona, and eventually the Grand Canyon.

See you there!

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