“The Happiest Place on Earth” – Hollywood Studios

Today is Day 2 of our Disney World adventure!
After staying with Tim and Shelly for the night, we’re headed off to Hollywood Studios!

If you haven’t already, check out day 1 at Epcot.

We laugh, we cry, we sing-a-long!

A majority of our time here is spent watching the various shows performed throughout the park.

We belt out in song during the Frozen Sing-A-Long…..


… Watch the puppet show of The Little Mermaid….



… Treat ourselves to the live musical performance of Beauty and the Beast…


…Laugh at the corny jokes of the muppets…


… and watch in suspense as they recreate scenes from Indiana Jones right before our eyes!


Star Wars

If you’re a Star Wars fan, Hollywood Studios is the park for you!
Now that Disney owns the franchise Star Wars is everywhere.


And it’s awesome!!



One thing we don’t understand is how they make the Jedi and Sith the get along so well for the show!
Must have a lot of backstage drama…


There is even Jedi training for the children!
We might be a little too old to participate… but we sure can watch and learn from the sidelines.


It’s a good thing those younglings learn those Jedi moves!
Darth Vader and Kylo Ren show up to murder them all!!

No younglings die today…


What’s really cool is the new Star Wars section of the park coming in 2019!
It’s supposed to focus on being more immersive and also incorporate virtual reality on the rides!!



All that walking and standing in lines has made us hungry!!

Good things we have reservations at this 50’s Sci-Fi Dine-in Theater!


It is actually pretty neat. The tables are integrated into mini cars, making us feel like we’re are at a drive in theater.


We eat our lunch while watching 50’s era sci-fi flicks on the big screen.


Back To The Rides!

After lunch we decide to hit up some more rides. The line isn’t too bad at Hollywood Tower of Terror!


… So we ride it twice!


But Rides Do break…

and for us, it’s the Aerosmith Rock n’ Roll coaster 🙁

Just as we go to use our fast pass for this coaster, it suddenly closes!

It actually works out okay, because the Fantasmic show is just about to start at the waterfront stadium.

Catching The Late Night Shows


Mickey Mouse is quite the conductor for the lights, water, and fireworks.



We’re not too upset about missing the coaster for this.

At Hollywood Studios, you get not one, but two nightly shows.
And this one is themed, you guessed it… Star Wars!!!


There are some pretty good fireworks at this show….



As the fireworks fade, everyone books it for a quick exit.

We stall with a long bathroom break to avoid the hectic parking lot.

The strategy pays off and by the next day we’re ready for park three, Magic Kingdom!

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