Jordan – Aqaba & The Red Sea 1

Aqaba, Jordan

Today we’re in Aqaba!

We’re very short on time so we’re going to prioritize doing the one thing we’re the most excited for here, Scuba Diving!!
It’ll be Kali’s first time diving since becoming certified a few months ago, so we’re REALLY looking forward to it. 😀

We arrive at the Intercontinental Hotel and check into our room.

The place is pretty impressive, and nicer than we expected. The security is good, the rooms are clean…. walk-in shower included!

…and a pretty decent view of the Red Sea!

Since it is late and we’re tired, so we’re going to get some rest for tomorrow.

Good Morning!

We start the day with a super tasty hotel breakfast.
Custom made omelets…


Juice bar… fresh fruit…

We investigate the pool…

… and explore the private beach…

Has this become a hotel advertisement?
Well… call now for our exclusive pricing offer!!

Kali’s First Scuba!

Sadly, and because we are extremely limited time on this trip,  we’re scheduling only one dive: New Canyon (Tank).

This is a fairly shallow dive (6m) and perfect for Kali’s first, but also pretty cool…. I mean, it’s an intentionally sunk anti-aircraft cannon, so yeah, gotta see that!

We book our dive with  Ahlan Aqaba Scuba Diving Centre …

… and away we go!

We board Sea Breeze… not the racehorse.

Bonus game: Did You See Kali??

Kali does a little sea voyage prep…

…and we set sail!

We love Aqaba’s surrounding mountains!

After a smooth ride, we arrive at the site!

and dawn our gear.

With that, there’s really only one thing left to do!

The dive begins with some coral

and then of course we arrive at the tank!

This is our first time diving with our underwater camera.
We bought a Yi 4K Action Camera and a water proof housing just for this trip.

We might look at some underwater light filters for future dives, but so far the results are pretty good!

After a successful first dive we return to the boat!

The dive center staff has been very accommodating and we highly recommend going with these guys if you’re looking for a boat dive in Aqaba.

We don’t have much else planned for the evening, so we’ll explore our resort a little more and relax.

Thanks for sharing our adventure!!
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