Cheyenne Train Depot & Museum

For some states it’s a challenge to find something interesting to do… with both of us being fans of the TV series Hell On Wheels, visiting the Cheyenne Train Depot is interesting to us, regardless of the shows fictionality!

Cheyenne Train Depot

Like in Hell On Wheels, Cheyenne became a major hub for Union Pacific Railroad, converging both of it’s eastern lines.

Today the depot is the last of the grand 19th century depots remaining on the transcontinental railroad.


It might be cold, but it’s still a beautiful day!


Inside is a museum containing various artifacts through many eras of history…


and many… non-artifacts…


It is a nice museum! 🚂


But there really are some cool artifacts


Model Trains!

The second floor is another story entirely!


Most of the floor is dedicated to preserving a completely handcrafted, narrow gauge model replica of a real world railroad. 🚞

This replica was made in the double-wide mobile home of Harry S. Brunk.
It took him nearly 30 years to create this masterpiece that consumed nearly his entire house.
After it was donated to the museum, staff had to dismantle the home to get the train set out. Pictures are on display of a crane hoisting segments of the model into the second story of the museum; pretty impressive!!! 🚂


The museum is very well kept, and the staff is very friendly and willing to share all sorts of interesting facts.

Big Boy

Outside and down the street a little ways from the depot is Big Boy, the world’s largest steam locomotive!


I guess there’s a downside to the “off-season”.


Does it count to be here, even if the train’s under a tarp?


We’ll just pretend it does!

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