On The Road: Day 9 – Las Vegas to Zion

We’re off to Zion!!

While it’s been nice living in luxury the past few days, it’s time to pack our stuff, leave Vegas, and hit the road toward Zion National Park.

Leaving Vegas

We were very fortunate to have had laundry in our Vegas hotel room.
Making it very easy to wash all our bedding and clothes. Yay!


For the next couple days we’ll be camping and need to make sure our cooler is fully stocked!

You can’t forget your favorite goodies!


On The Road Again

As approach Zion we’re met with blue skies and sunshine protruding through the van windows.


Scenery around here turns pretty spectacular with the jagged mountain tops that cut through the sky.


Before we know it, the drive takes us through a town called Virgin. It definitely has some unique sites.


There is a cute little western village, even equipped with its own jail! 🤠


Unfortunately, it is closed.
So no getting pictures here! 😐

We continue on when…

What is this????


Ostriches!!!! What a random place to see some of these long legged grounded birds?!?!


These silly guys just run away if we get close, so I guess we will only view them from the car.

That is quite a collection of ostrich eggs!


Prepping For Tomorrow

Before entering the park we need to pick up our water gear for the Narrows hike tomorrow.

Mostly due to road construction and easy access, we choose Zion Outfitters, located just outside the park entrance, to rent the gear.


Once inside, we talk to the very friendly staff about what to expect for the hike. They give us trail tips and tricks and recommended appropriate equipment.

Based on their recommendations, we rent bibbed waders, neoprene socks, special water boots, and a wooden walking stick.


Into The Park!

After the scenic drive into Zion, we’re pretty excited to see what the park has in store for us!


The first thing we do is stop by the visitors center to check trail conditions and obtain advice from the rangers.

While perusing the gift shop and  picking out our postcard, we run into the sweetest little guy…..

Adoption paperwork is promptly filed (purchase receipt in hand).
Just then, like a dream, a name pops into Tommy’s head….. SCOOPS!

You can expect to get more Scoops, along with Gerome and Ralph!

Choices for camping.

We arrive at the park with plenty of time to pick a camp spot!

We drive the loops, carefully selecting the most perfect spot. Camp site D39!!!


Our mule deer neighbors are not afraid to help themselves to any left out snacks! 🦌 🍳


With our campsite successfully selected, we’re happy to see that it’s still daylight!!!!

We can probably sneak one hike in before setting up camp.
Off to Angels Landing we go!!!

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