Easternmost Point of USA…. and Canada

Not originally part of our plan, we’re calling an audible and driving to the Eastern point in the USA!

Tommy’s never been to Canada and since we are so close, we might as well!

We’re in Canada Eh

Before we make it out to the lighthouse, we make a quick detour into Canada.


Going through the border, we learn a few things:
One, they do not allow pepper spray into Canada…. unless it’s bear spray.
Two, don’t carry large amounts of alcohol.

We have a pretty stocked van from our visit to the Moonshine distillery in Tennessee, but luckily they are understanding and let us keep the booze 🙂


After sitting in a waiting room for about 20 minutes and giving up our pepper spray, we are officially in Canada.


We really didn’t have anything particular to see here. There’s a small market store, so we pick up a postcard.
They just happen to sell discounted chocolate from the local chocolate factory! It’s what they call “seconds”, which are just less than perfect pieces.

It still tastes delicious!

Easternmost Point

Back in America, we make our way to the lighthouse that is located at the easternmost point on the U.S. border.


Weather has not been too kind for us lately, but that doesn’t stop us from seeing this cute little lighthouse.



Luckily, we have an umbrella… not to protect our heads, but the camera 😀


We bet the views without the fog are pretty spectacular.


Even with the fog, they are gorgeous!




Too bad our little umbrella doesn’t hold up in the wind.
It keeps flipping inside out, allowing water on the lens to get wet!


As we drive away from the lighthouse, we are hoping to stop at this gift store to purchase a postcard…. since the lighthouse was closed.


Unfortunately, the gift shop is also closed! So we continue on our way with the distant fog as our backdrop.


We even get stuck behind this silly garbage truck stating that they will double your garbage back if you are not satisfied. 😜


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