Visiting Kali’s Grandma

The last time Kali visited her grandma down in Florida was over 10 years ago while she was in Technical School for the military.

We’re pretty excited for the opportunity to stop in and visit with Kali’s grandma and her Uncle David, who is also in the local area!

Kali’s Grandma’s

It’s  a nice relaxing day hanging out at Kali’s grandma’s house as we sit and socialize with her. We have so much to catch up on!!!

While Kali tells stories of the trip, Tommy doubletasks and works to get further in the blog.

On his shoulder is the closest thing to a pet Kali’s grandma will get….. a stuffed cat!


Dinner at Peg Leg Pete’s

Tonight we get to have dinner with Kali’s uncle and his family at a local favorite, Peg Leg Pete’s!

Ten years have passed since Kali last saw her cousins and man have they grown!


Our dinner includes delicious specialty oysters, stuffed grouper, chicken alfredo, and conversations of the last several years.

It’s always a blast visiting family in Florida. We wish we could stay longer!!


As we exit the restaurant, we see walls lined with license plates and signs such as this!


Tommy and I really enjoyed our visit! Can’t wait to come back!


Thank you Grandma, Uncle David and family! We miss you and hope for the best in your future! Can’t wait for you to visit up in Washington!!

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