Rock of Ages! (Not The Musical)

Ever wonder what it takes to produce world class granite sculptures?
I hope so! — If that answer is yes, than I have one last question for you…

You ready to rock!?!?

Rock of Ages is a premier granite mining and sculpting company in Graniteville, Vermont and can trace their beginning back to founder (one of three) George B. Milne in 1885.


Manufacturing Division

The site offers tours of their granite quarry, just not the time of year that we’re here 🙁

They do allow us to view their manufacturing process!


Blocks are extracted from the nearby quarry and brought here for processing.


They can make just about anything out of granite, and they do!

Aside from cemetery memorials (of which they’re the largest producer in both the US and Canada) they make are responsible for sculpting the United States Korean War Memorial as well as portions of the WWII memorial both in Washington D.C!


The reason Rock of Ages has been able to become the leader in sculpture production is because of the superior granite located in Vermont and the skilled artists who hand make many pieces.


Anyone Up For A Few Frames?

Also located on the site is a granite bowling alley!


In better weather they actually place pins and a bowling ball…
We’ll just have to pretend.




It’s a STRIKE!!

As a reward (or because everyone gets to) we can take our pick of cut granite scraps!


While visiting, make sure to come later than April, check out the granite quarry, and bowl a few frames!

For us, this little souvenir will have to do 🙂


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