On The Road Day 79 – Old Friend And A Van Repair

Mile 15,212 of our road trip!!

That’s a lot of miles and we can hardly believe it!
Fortunately we’re here to spend some time with a friend, unfortunately we run into a little van trouble!!

Van Troubles

The issue we’re having with the van is we’re leaking coolant!

We first notice that our heater isn’t quite a warm as it usually is… and being quite chilly outside, the warmth is very important to us.

Upon identifying the issue we immediately look for a quick fix, and with Walmarts frequenting our travels, this is where we look.

Bar’s Leaks Cooling System it is!

Bar's Leaks Cooling System Repair

Probably not the best solution, but we’re in a bind!
To shorten the story a tad, we’re still leaking coolant… and it looks like the only thing this did is seal up our overflow tank!!

Good Fortune

Luckily we’ll be in New Jersey for a while, and we’re staying with friends!
Really, this turns out to be the best time for a problem.

Stan is incredibly generous, letting us use his car to get our van into the shop.

And speaking of shop, we hit the jackpot with this Midas. John is there to great us, and does a wonderful job handling, what’s not only our vehicle, but is currently our home.


The problem is quickly identified and repaired at a fair price!

For those curious, the problem is a bad water pump; I guess those things just fail occasionally… especially with the age of van (1998).

We can’t be any more fortunate with how efficiently our problem is solved! The leak is gone, and we’re once again on the road.

Thanks John and Midas!

Always A Friend

There are some friends that you meet, and no matter the distance or time spent apart, they’re always a friend.


It’s been great spending some time together and catching up on life!

Dinner at the Yard House, Kali and I learn what a half-yard is… the answer is A lot!


Thanks Stan and Emily, for everything! We really enjoyed hanging out with you and your kids.
Hopefully our paths cross again and before another 10 years go by!


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