Hanging In Texas – A Break From The Road

Here we are in Seguin, Texas!

Just east of San Antonio, we’re visiting Tommy’s Dad, Bill, and his wife, Dana! Tommy’s brother, David, just happened to move down to Texas last year, so we are able to visit and catch up with him as well!

In just a few short days we’ll be taking a vacation from our road trip and heading out on a cruise!!  πŸ›³ βš“ πŸŒ΄

Until then we’re having a good time in Texas!

Yummy food!



This delicious lunch spot provides tasty sandwiches optionally served with an appetizing soup. It’s a common lunch stop for Bill and Dana, and we can see why!



Van improvements!

As we accumulate trinkets and unforeseen items we have purchased, the van is feeling cluttered and overstuffed.

Will a roof rack and storage help? We’re ready to find out!


More yummy food!!

Tonight is Dinner Club with Bill, Dana, and their friends from work, so we head to this local Brazilian restaurant.


There is an endless supply of savory meat cut for you while you sit and enjoy the company of friends. We gather valuable travel advice and experiences from Bill and Dana’s friends while enjoying this delectable dinner.

One tip of advice from Dana’s coworker: “wash your hands frequently and don’t touch the hand rails aboard the cruise ship. That’s how illness spreads.” πŸ˜·

Advice from her coworker’s husband: “lick the handrails! It will build up your immunity, so you won’t get sick!”

That may have kept him from getting sick, but I think we’ll stick to the handwashing! πŸ˜


Paint night!!

Last time Bill visited us in the Tri-Cities, we attended a paint night. He wants to return the favor and takes us out for a splendid evening full of creativity.

Since we are in Texas, we are painting a Texas outline with writing of our choice inside. We’re not from Texas and are feeling creative…. and risky…. so we decide to paint an outline of Washington and the US instead.


Looking at his masterpiece, you can see the creative juices are flowing with David as well.


As Bill provides feedback, the Bryan boys focus on perfecting their showceasable art. πŸ–Ό πŸ–Œ


We’re having a great time here in Texas, catching up with family!

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