Arches: Part 2 – Hiking Delicate Arch

This evening we’re hiking to the Delicate Arch in Arches National Park!

After talking to the rangers, they explained this trail will take us directly up to this arch!
When hiking this 3 mile round trip hike, it is a modest elevation climb of 480 feet.

At the trailhead!

Looking at the sky, it seems the sun will set soon. Time to hit the trail!


Before we know it, we hit the old Wolfe cabin.


This one room cabin was built in the late 1800s by a rancher named John and his son Fred looking to settle west. After living almost 10 years in the smaller cabin to the right, he was forced to build a new cabin when his daughter and her family moved to be with him.

His daughter was able to withstand the rugged conditions for 2 years before moving back to civilization. Not long after she left, John and Fred moved back to more modern civilization as well.

Since they left, the cabin had been home to several other tenants working as custodians for the park. Finally, it was sold to the park to be included in the monument.


After examining the cabin, we continue hiking along the path worn into the red rock.


As we hike up, hikers coming down are constantly warning us of super slippery conditions further along the trail.

… can’t be that be that bad!


Straying off the path is easy… so there are subtle reminders.


Pausing to look back, the parking lot is looking pretty small!


As we approach the top of the gradual incline, we round a small bend in the trial.


Continuing a little longer, we see this…


… we casually walk past them.

Following the trail takes us further along the ridgeline.


“Ah! Gettin’ a little cocky are we?!?”
Guess it is slick after all…..


Let’s just say Kali slipped… there’s no denying that photo proof!

If you ask Kali, you might get a different story… Seriously, ask her! 😉

Ahead of us, we only have one more bend in the trail!


The Delicate Arch

Fortune has set upon us as we approach the Delicate Arch just as the sun begins to set.


Several other photographers are up here taking delicate photos of the sun kissed arch.

Swiftly, we squeeze in quickly for a photo of our own!


…as the sun sets with the cloud laden skies.

Before leaving, we complete a final swooping view of the Delicate Arch as we say farewell.

Time to test our agility on the icy trails back down!

While heading back, just before we approach the parking lot, we make a small detour to see some ancient indian petroglyphs.


From here it’s only a short walk to the van.

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