Outlaw Mountain Coaster!

Who’s ready to ride an Alpine Coaster!?!?

Today, we’re at the longest Alpine (or mountain) coaster in North America.

We first experienced one of these while in Austria, and are stoked to experience one in America!

Outlaw Mountain Coaster!

This coaster is more than 6,280 linear feet; featuring dips, waves, turns, and 360 degree circles!

At speed up to 27mph, the entire ride takes approximately 10 minutes to complete.

Step one (before driving all the way out here): Verify the coaster’s open status!



Step two: We’re here and ready to ride!!


Where’s here? The Outlaw Mountain Coaster at Steamboat Ski Resort in Steamboat Springs.

Pumped to pick up our tickets and get ride, we approach the coaster….


. . . 


We double check the online status… and it does indeed say open!

We’re pretty bummed that they’d advertise an operational status while the track is closed for snow removal….

To Steamboat’s credit, we do email their customer relations and they have offered us a free ride within a year should we choose to return.

Despite the let down, we do appreciate their gesture and may try to return and take them up on it. 🙂

For now… it’s onward to Wyoming.

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