On The Road: Day 1 – WA to CA and Crater Lake, OR


A few nights ago we said goodbye to Kali’s family before visiting Tommy’s Mom. This morning, we’re saying farewell to her as we head off on our journey.  🚐, 。・ : *


With over a year of planning leading up to this date, it’s intimidating to truly realize the magnitude of this odyssey.

You can check out our planned route here!

Before the sun rises, we’re on our way and leaving the Tri-Cities.

The starting odometer reading?


Our first destination?  Crater Lake!

We don’t plan to spend much time here, as it’s just a detour on our way to California. Crater Lake is our primary Oregon attraction.

Kali takes the reins for the first leg of the journey, and things are going smoothly 🙂


Great weather and beautiful scenery provide us an encouraging start


Within a very short time we’re in Oregon traveling along the Columbia River.


Low hanging clouds add the sun’s color to the sky.


After a few hours of driving, we head south away from the river and into central Oregon.


The flat plains turn into forest…


and the bare ground turns to snow….


And then…..

Crater Lake!

Here it is!!!  What a magnificent sight! 😜


But seriously…


With the snow, we had to cautiously navigate our way to glimpse a view, being careful not to slip.

[Group 0]-IMG_0640_IMG_0642-3 images - Pano

After enjoying the view, we’re back on the road and heading closer to California.

Before we reach Cali, we have one more stop:

Klamath Falls!

If you ever decide to go to Klamath Falls to see the beautiful waterfalls… DON’T DO IT!!!

Even if you google image search Klamath Falls

We’re serious… it’s a trap… okay, maybe not a “trap“… but there are no falls…

We unfortunately don’t figure that out until we follow the GPS and arrive in the City of Klamath Falls only to ask ourselves… “Well, where are they!?!?”

Apparently there used to be falls nearby… but a dam was built over them about 100 years ago!

A little confused and disappointed, we continue on…


offering beautiful views such as Mt. Shasta….


… and beautiful forests, lakes and rivers.


Eventually darkness sets, we continue to drive south through California. After a long first day, we arrive at Tommy’s Aunt’s home.

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