Through the Redwoods of Sequoia

With our adventure in Yosemite behind us, it’s time to look forward!

Our plan is to pass through Sequoia National Park, spend the evening sightseeing, then camp in the park. We’re not spending much time here, so we have to prioritize what we want to see.

The top thing on our list? General Sherman!

No no, not the WW2 General; the tree!
and not just any tree…. The LARGEST TREE IN THE WORLD (by volume).

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Yosemite: Part 2 – El Capitan Is The Man!

Day Two in Yosemite

First! Check out Yosemite part 1!!

This morning we wake up early. Our plan? Half Dome!

We’ve been looking at this hike for a while… contemplating it, but still really unsure how we’ll manage to climb the side of the dome while the ropes are down. Don’t know what we’re talking about? Here you go…

So as we sit here in the van, at 5:00AM.
We talk about it…
We google it… yes there is 4G in the park. 📱

Our decision? ….not to do Half Dome.

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