Fog n’ Fun on Mackinac Island

It may be foggy out, but we’re ready for an adventure on Mackinac Island. This 3.8 square mile island has a lot to offer visitors from beautiful hikes, to delicious fudge and food of all types.

We’re excited to see how an entire island can ban cars!! Except a couple emergency vehicles.
Horses, bikes, snowmobiles, or your own legs are the only means of transportation on the island.

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Maine Lobster and More!

One of the first things we think of when we hear Maine is lobster!
Surprisingly, not many restaurants are serving full lobsters this time of year. Most lobster is caught and sold between May & September.

Lucky for us, located in Bar Harbor is a join called Geddy’s.
They serve lobster all year long, pull fresh from their lobster tank!

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Acadia National Park 2: Cadillac Mountain Sun Views

Ever wonder where you can view the first sunrise in the United States? Well, one location is right here in Acadia National Park!

Our plan is to wake up tomorrow around 4:00 am, so we can get to the top of Cadillac Mountain and watch the sun first break across the shores of the United States

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